Terms & Conditions

Almaty Florists


You can order goods on this site 24 hours daily. We are available from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm every day to provide flowers and gifts. Items here cannot be collected personally.

We will not be held responsible for late delivery if any of the following cases occur:

  • Information about the package, especially contact information and delivery address, is incomplete or incorrect.
  • We are unable to get hold of the buyer or gift recipient at the stated address, and their contact numbers were not included.
  • Delivery times on 14thFeb, 8th Mar,14th May, and Mother’s day are indicative only. Delivery on these dates is carried out in the day. We cannot vouch for an exact delivery time, and any subsequent claim cannot be disregarded.


The bouquet displayed on our shop’s website does not Include vases.

We suggest you trim the stems and change the water of the flowers every day.

Most times, the purchased flowers are slightly different from the products displayed on our website. To resolve this, we provide items similar or the same in appearance, type, amount, and at the same or higher price range. If our scope of compensating for the package is higher, we will notify the buyer before delivery. If the buyer, in turn, does not agree to the change, we will refund full payment.

Bouquets are always delivered without a vase; the order includes bouquets or bouquet gifts.

There is a delivery fee for orders outside Almaty. Delivery in Almaty is free.

Photographs of gifts such as stuffed animals, bottles of wine, etc.… are indicative and can be replaced by items with similar appearance and price.

The minimum number of flowers in a single piece bouquet is seven only.

For bouquet to be delivered on the day of order, the order must be confirmed on or before 8:00 am GMT.

If the recipient is not at the specified address, and he/she cannot be contacted by phone (or due to a wrong phone number on the order), we will try to contact the buyer. If both proof abortive, the package will be returned to the branch office. The buyer will be informed of where they can get their order or pay for another delivery to a specific location.

 Hampers must be arranged two working days prior to delivery.

Our phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

For weekend delivery outside Prague, orders must be placed on or before Friday. Delivery in Prague can be made at any time.


The seller affirms that all personal data will be treated as confidential and will be used on the premise of fulfilling the agreement with the buyer. It will never be made public or given to any third party, etc. unless connected with distribution or payment regarding the ordered goods (communicating the name and delivery address).   

The buyer gives the seller consent to collect and process their data to fulfill the concluded agreement until he/she disapproves of such usage. The buyer is entitled to access his/her personal data and correct it, including other legal rights regarding this data.


The customer can cancel the order at least 12 hours to the delivery. In case of cancellation (which must be done 12 hours before delivery), the customer will be fully refunded to the deposit account within 14 days after the request. If the order is canceled more than 12 hours before delivery, the customer can request a refund.

The bouquet can be delivered to the address specified in the order, at another address in the same location of delivery, or the customer can pick up the bouquet in person at the branch, which will be given on request.

A cancellation request can be submitted via this email [email protected],com


Within 24 hours from the delivery date, possible claims for the quality of the item can be raised based on the type of items with a short life. Claims made after 24 hours will, unfortunately, be disregarded.