Frequently Asked Questions

Almaty Florists

Unfortunately our company does not provide such services as even informational services do not provide this information. The only way to ensure that an address is correct is to go into the building and to confirm if the person does live there. If however you have any concerns about the address of the delivery, then use the cheapest pricing option we offer. Our couriers will inform us if the address is inaccurate. Note however that we do not offer refunds if delivery was not possible due to an incorrect address.

For the protection of our customers, we do not store credit card information on our server. We immediately delete this information after the transaction has been completed. In addition, we cannot charge your credit card again. However, changes can still be made to your order, you just need to resubmit your credit card information.

Placing an order with us really isn’t that difficult, but there are several steps you need to go through in order for it to be a success.

  • Choose your flower bouquet
    • Add an extra to it
    • Fill out the recipient’s information
    • Give your gift a personalized touch with a personal message
    • Choose the delivery date and what address it needs to be delivered to
    • Fill out the billing information
    • Choose your method of payment and fill this information in
    • Place the order

Absolutely! We deliver every day of the week.

We will not be able to assure you have a digital picture for three key reasons:

  • Recipient may deny the request to take picture of the delivery. If you ordered this service, we will gladly refund you the money paid to attain the picture.
  • Intended recipient may be unable at the delivery location and time.
  • Certain locations may not have the necessary photo-taking equipment for the service. No charge is made unless a picture is taken.

Any information you provide us is regarded as private data and is not going to be shared with anyone at any time. This information includes your name, phone number, address, email address and credit card information. Our florist will be given your recipient’s name and address as well as any card information you provided. However, nobody else is going to have that information. We do not store credit card information on our server.

If you want to send flowers for someone you have yet to meet, a simple but stylish bouquet of assorted seasonal flowers and some chocolates always do the trick.

You can reach out to us by phone +44   745  227      2872 or by email [email protected].uk. We are here to assist you when you need assistance.

You are welcome to attach a personal note to a Greeting Card ordered with your bouquet. You can do so in the order form after you specify the address information at the checkout.

We cannot guarantee that a digital photo in every location for the following reasons:

Recipient may decline our request to take a picture of delivery

Recipient may be not at the place of delivery at scheduled delivery time

In certain locations we can not guarantee that the picture can be taken due to the lack of quality photo equipment

All items in our catalogue can be delivered in Bulgaria  However cakes, boxes of chocolates, gift baskets, balloons, wine etc. can only be purchased alongwith a bouquet of flowers. They are not sold separately.

Our company offers the same awesome flower delivery service in Almaty and most large cities of Kazakhstan.

Of course! But in order to ensure that the delivery is made as seamlessly as possible it is essential that all relevant information such as business name or ward/room number etc. is made available.

In large organizations, the policy for delivery is to leave the order with the reception or mailroom, and they will be passed on to the recipient. In such cases we will follow the company’s policy. Due to the fact that we will not be in contact with the delivery once it is in the company’s hands, we are unable to accept responsibility if the delivery is not passed on to the recipient. However, if you are unsure if the gift was received, we are more than happy to follow up with the recipient on your behalf.

We can deliver your flowers on dates of your choosing, provided the details you give us such as addresses are accurate, there is someone to receive the delivery, and we have a place to deliver to.

We will require as much information as possible to make the delivery. Information such as flat numbers, business name, ward/room number for hospital deliveries are very important and must be accurate. We also have a special delivery option which might help if there is extra information about the delivery.

The phone number of the recipient is also very important.

Our couriers use temperature control vehicles to to deliver your flowers, and our deliveries are delivered either to your recipient’s door or place of business.